In Islam, women ordered to cover him. Therefore, women wear Abaya to cover him. And veil used to cover their face.
In different countries, Like; Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and many other countries, Abaya is most popular in young girls and women. In past, women wear simple Burqa . But, now a day’s women wear stylish Abaya’s. Mostly black color is used for Abaya. But, Now different color are also used for Abaya like; grey, peach, skin, cream, brown and many other color’s.
In different picture’s, some Abaya are simple, printed, embroidered, motif and laces work are used. Some Abaya’s are based on chiffon and silk fabric. In which different colors and designs are used for Abaya’. Open shirt style, baggy style, frock style Abaya’s are shown in pictures. Scarf is also used for Abaya’s to cover head and hair. In these picture‘s, sleeves are embroidered and full gown are simple. And some Abaya have motif. In some Abaya’s are embellished with beats work which looks pretty. Some Abaya’s in belt style. Embroidery work has been done by in these Abaya’s.
Overall all Abaya’s Style and design’s are attractive and gorgeous. These Abaya’s are used as causally and party wear. These Abaya’s are make your personality more impressive.